The price of memory DRAM will be reduced by about 15% in Q4

Industry insiders believe that due to the continued downturn in the current notebook computer market, manufacturers' willingness to upgrade to DDR5 is weak, resulting in further price reductions of memory chips such as DDR5.

In addition, server memory has been affected by the recent tightening of corporate capital expenditures and the slowdown in data center construction, which may further slow down the popularity of DDR5.

The market estimates that the price of DRAM chips will drop by about 15% in the fourth quarter of 2022, of which the price drop of DDR5 is significantly larger than that of DDR4, so this will also lead to a narrowing of the price gap between the two, which is expected to promote various manufacturers to start product replacement in 2023. It is also obviously optimistic about the growth space of DDR5 in the next few years.

TrendForce research report also shows that under the influence of high inflation, the demand for consumer products is weak, and the peak season is not prosperous. In the third quarter, memory bit consumption and shipments continued to show a seasonal decrease. The obvious decline and the delay in purchasing have further increased the pressure on suppliers' inventory. It is expected that the decline in DRAM prices in the fourth quarter will expand to 13%-18%.

At the same time, the strategies of various DRAM suppliers to increase their market share remain unchanged. There have been cases of "merger price negotiation in the third and fourth quarters" or "negotiation of price first" in the market, all of which have resulted in the price of DRAM in the fourth quarter. The reason for the widening of the decline to 13%-18%.

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