The production capacity of the Chengdu base of China Innovation Airlines reached 50GWh

The second phase of the Chengdu Base Project of China Innovation Aviation Power and Energy Storage Battery was successfully signed on September 29. So far, the production capacity of China Innovation Aviation Chengdu Base has reached 50GWh.

China Innovation Airlines announced in late September that the first batch of products for the first phase of the Chengdu base project had been successfully rolled off the production line. According to reports, the Chengdu base focuses on advanced manufacturing of power and energy storage battery products, providing products and services for the global automotive, energy storage, and marine markets.

According to the official website of China Innovation Airlines, the company has set up a number of industrial bases to build industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, Southwest, Central, and Greater Bay Areas to achieve an all-around domestic industrial layout. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the company's planned production capacity exceeds 500GWh.

In addition, according to the official WeChat account of China Innovation Aviation, the first batch of power battery products in the first phase of the China Innovation Aviation Wuhan project has been successfully rolled off the production line, mainly used in the passenger car market, and has been launched in the latest pure electric all-intelligent SUV model - Xiaopeng G9 The first launch package is realized.

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