The World Economic Forum announced 11 new factories to join its global lighthouse network

The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced 11 new factories to join its global lighthouse network, including CATL (China, Yibin), Haier (China, Qingdao), Midea (China, Shunde), Sany Heavy Industry (China, Changsha), and Western Digital (China, Shanghai) are listed in many Chinese countries.

It is understood that Lighthouse is a concept jointly launched by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company in recent years. It is regarded as a leader of the fourth industrial revolution and a representative of digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0. It can be seen as having world-class manufacturing capabilities.

Up to now, there are 114 lighthouse factories in the world, of which 42 are in China, accounting for more than 1/3 of the total. The list of shortlisted lighthouse factories needs to be considered from multiple dimensions. Regarding the newly selected factories this year, Enno De Boer, the global managing partner of McKinsey & Company and the global head of digital manufacturing, said that they should focus on three perspectives: clear strategy, employee capability, and governance level. to measure.

Enterprises that obtain the name of the lighthouse factory not only develop well themselves but also are good at using the "copy" model to export successful cases horizontally to other factories. For example, based on the application of COSMOPlat digital technology and the application of mass customization mode, Haier already owns Qingdao Haier interconnected factory for central air conditioners, Shenyang Haier interconnected refrigerator factory, Tianjin Haier interconnected washing machine factory, Zhengzhou Haier interconnected water heater factory, and Qingdao Haier interconnected refrigerator factory. factories, as well as the cross-industry Tsingtao Brewery Factory, and the 6 lighthouse factories. Midea owns 5 lighthouse factories, including Midea Air Conditioner Nansha Factory, Midea Microwave Shunde Factory, Hefei Midea Washing Machine Factory, Midea Refrigerator Jingzhou Factory, and the newly selected Midea Shunde Factory.

In the context of global industrial chain restructuring and intensified competition, intelligent transformation and digital transformation have become a "must-answer" for the survival of the manufacturing industry. A group of advanced enterprises are pioneering the use of emerging technologies to promote the fourth industrial revolution and become the large-scale digitalization of the industry. pioneers and demonstrators. This time, a number of Chinese companies have been shortlisted for the global lighthouse factory list, which also represents the resilience and momentum of Chinese manufacturing in the post-epidemic era.

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