Thunderbird Air 1S XR glasses released

Thunderbird innovatively released a new generation of consumer-grade XR glasses, Thunderbird Air 1S, with a starting price of 2,299 yuan for early adopters. Thunderbird Air 1S adopts BirdBath+MicroOLED technology solution, which can provide 130-inch high-definition giant screen. The glasses can cover multiple scenes such as watching movies, games, office work, drones, and smart cockpits.

Thunderbird Air 1S is equipped with a new generation of Sony MicroOLED, and the industry's first super linear unit with 0.5mm stroke, which has improved in multiple dimensions such as display, sound quality, ID design, and content ecology. It is the first to obtain CGEC sound quality. Certificate of eyewear products.

Parameters: This new product has a resolution of 1920*1080, a contrast ratio greater than 100000:1, and a color gamut of 108%sRGB.

Functions: Thunderbird Air 1S is directly connected to mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other devices that support DP output, and can be connected to iPhone, Switch, PS, XBOX, and other devices with the help of adapters, and also expands drones, smart cockpits, etc. application scenarios.

Audio: The official said that the Thunderbird Air 1S is the first in the industry to be equipped with a super linear unit with a 0.5mm stroke, which brings a strong sense of balance, transparent treble, and stable bass. In order to take into account privacy when listening to the audio, Thunderbird Air 1S is equipped with phase cancellation technology, and the positive and negative sound waves are canceled on the outside of the glasses to ensure that the audio is only transmitted near the ear, taking into account the privacy protection of public spaces and environmental interference. Users can also set a whisper mode within the Thunderbird XR Glasses app to further enhance privacy.

The Thunderbird Air 1S data cable adopts a magnetic detachable design, which can be quickly absorbed by simply placing the magnetic cable close to the interface. It fits precisely and is easy to store and carry. At the same time, Thunderbird Air 1S improves the comfort of glasses through curve optimization and weight distribution design.

Content: The "Thunderbird XR Glasses" app developed by Thunderbird has covered mainstream platforms such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, Station B, and Douyin.

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