Tianma launches 9.0-inch Invisible Display vehicle center console display

According to Tianma's release, in recent years, the area of ​​vehicle display screens has gradually increased, the specifications have been improved, and there are more multi-screen and multi-screen combination products. However, the increasing operation functions and complex overload of information still pose hidden dangers to driving safety. In response to this, the Tianma R&D team launched the Invisible Display Technology solution.

Tianma's 9.0-inch Invisible Display vehicle center control display is equipped with this invisible display technology. All knob and switch interaction functions are hidden by the control panel and need to be realized by touching the screen and other actions. When you have a display requirement, "call the screen", the screen will automatically light up and start the display work; when the screen display is not needed during driving, the display screen will automatically turn off. This allows the screen to be seamlessly integrated into the car interior panel when the screen is off so that the driver will not be disturbed by the information brought by the screen so that the driver can focus more on the road conditions and ensure the safety of the car.

The technical principle of invisible display technology is to use LCD as the light source for displaying information, and let the light source pass through special translucent decorative materials attached to the glass cover to present the final "invisible display" effect. In order to achieve such a display effect with its own sense of technology, it is necessary to achieve seamless splicing of the display frame and decorative panel materials, while taking into account the display brightness and high contrast. This is a technical difficulty. On the one hand, it is necessary to accurately control the transmittance of translucent decorative materials, and on the other hand, it is necessary to optimize the light source of LCD display information. If the LCD information source is too bright, a bright area similar to a postcard will be generated on the panel, and the frame marks of the picture will be obvious, which will not only affect the visual experience but also bring hidden dangers to safe driving. If the brightness of the display light source is reduced, the amount of light passing through the decorative material may be reduced, resulting in a blurred image display.

This car display has good display capability, and its resolution remains as high as 1440x810 on the coating material; the cinema-level high brightness is maintained at ≥400 cd/m²; the ultra-high contrast ratio of more than 30000:1 supports enhanced light and shade Contrast and rich color expression.

Tianma said that the application of the invisible display technology solution is not only limited to the central control display, but can be extended to the invisible door display to achieve an integrated display effect and enhance the user experience.

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