TrendForce: In 2022, the market value of virtual shooting LED displays will reach US$431 million

According to the latest report "2023 Global LED Display Market Outlook and Price Cost Analysis" by TrendForce, the market size of the global LED display in virtual shooting applications in 2021 will be about 283 million US dollars, and an annual increase of 136%, (+136% YoY). In 2022, despite being affected by inflation and the global economic downturn, thanks to the adoption of virtual shooting technology in more studios, it is estimated that the output value of the virtual shooting LED display market will grow steadily to US$431 million in 2022, an annual increase of 52%.

According to TrendForce, LED displays replace traditional green screens, greatly reducing post-production time and video production costs. They are used in entertainment and audio-visual industries such as filming, drama, and commercials, and help increase the immersion of on-site participants. The experience effect has become the reason for the growth of LED displays in the field of virtual shooting applications.

Virtual Production attaches great importance to high dynamic range imaging (HDR), high frame refresh rate (HFR), and high grayscale (High Grayscale) images, emphasizing image quality, color fineness, and smoothness. Mainly used in background displays, floor tile screens, and ceiling screens. According to the shooting scene and budget requirements, high-end virtual shooting background display products require high brightness (>1,500 nits), high resolution (P1.2-P1.6), high grayscale (16 bits), and high refresh rate ( 3,840 / 7,680 Hz), the picture update rate is up to 60 Hz, and it is required to comply with DCI-P3 (wide color gamut standard).

The report said that from the perspective of the supply chain, ROE Visual currently ranks first in the market for virtual shooting display manufacturers, followed by INFiLED and SONY. Other manufacturers include AOTO, Leyard/Planar, Absen, Samsung, LG, etc. The driver IC suppliers are Macroblock, Chichuang North, Lingyang Huaxin, Novatek, Visionchip, etc. In terms of controllers and image processors, manufacturers include Novastar, Brompton Technology, and Megapixel VR.

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