TSMC: The Metaverse market has great growth potential

 Zhang Xiaoqiang, senior deputy general manager of TSMC business development, recently said that the metaverse world will come, although the market is still small, it has great growth potential in the future, and advanced semiconductor technology is the foundation.

The metaverse is defined as the fusion of the real world and the virtual world, which requires more powerful high-performance computing to achieve, and requires more and more advanced semiconductor technology.

Zhang Xiaoqiang pointed out that the current application processor of the head-mounted device adopts a 7nm process, the image signal processor adopts 28nm, and the device weighs 500 grams. To achieve a device that can be worn anywhere, the performance must be improved by 10 times. Signal processors will all use 2nm, and systems and architectures will also be improved.

The Strategy Analytics report states that as an investment in the metaverse grows, the ownership of dedicated metaverse devices (VR and AR headsets) will explode. By 2024, the market stock of Metaverse devices will double from the current 50 million.

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