TSMC's 3nm process technology mass production time has been delayed again

TSMC was supposed to start producing chips using its 3-nanometer process node last month, however, according to a new report from Seeking Alpha, TSMC's 3-nanometer chip production has been delayed to the first of 2022. Fourth quarter.

Samsung, on the other hand, started producing chips using the 3nm process node in June, ahead of TSMC. Even with TSMC starting production of 3-nanometer chips this month, Samsung still has a three-month lead.

However, Samsung currently produces very few 3nm chips, most likely because the company needs more time to ramp up production. Due to low production capacity, Samsung is currently only supplying 3-nanometer chips to one Chinese cryptocurrency company and has not been able to strike deals with big tech companies such as AMD or Qualcomm, which require very high-volume chips.

When TSMC starts producing 3-nanometer chips, it is worth watching whether Samsung's foundry can increase its production of 3-nanometer chips. According to reports, most of TSMC's 3nm chip production capacity will be used by Apple for its upcoming M3 chip.

Last week, Wei Zhejia, president of TSMC, said at the French conference that customer demand for 3nm has exceeded TSMC's supply, and it will be fully loaded next year, partly due to ongoing machine delivery issues. It is estimated that 3nm revenue will account for about 4-6% of next year.

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