TTC released the Giant's Heart RGB version of the axis

According to TTC official news, TTC's genuine Kedian has now released the Giant Heart RGB version of the mechanical shaft. The domestic cooperative keyboard brand will be exclusively launched by Royalaxe and overseas will be launched by Higround, a brand under the American 100 Thieves Club.

The TTC Giant's Heart mechanical shaft is designed with a Lego-style structure. In appearance, it uses a black shell, which represents the darkness; through the top of the shaft, you can see that each shaft is inlaid with a heart shape. Represents a brave and tenacious heart in the dark.

The TTC Giant's Heart RGB version of the mechanical shaft follows the feel and parameters of the TTC Giant's Heart mechanical shaft. The upper cover is changed to a hollow structure, and a TTC condenser is installed. The light is collected through the condenser to the top of the upper cover, and the luminous flux is increased by 56%.

The first launch of the Royal Axe is the L series, which is equipped with the RGB version of the Giant's Spindle, adopts the Gasket structure and high-quality PBT keycaps is equipped with an LED color screen and has three connection methods.

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