TTC releases the Gold Axis Professional Edition Pro Series

TTC officially released the Golden Axis Professional Edition Pro series. The first release will have 3 axis bodies, namely the Golden Red Axis Pro, the Golden Tea Axis Pro, and the first-time Gold and Silver Axis.

The TTC gold and silver shaft adopts a trigger stroke of 1.4mm, and the trigger pressure is 45 grams force, compared with the traditional red shaft of 2.0mm, the gold and silver shaft trigger stroke is 30% earlier, and the total stroke is 3.5mm, compared with the traditional red shaft of 4.0mm, the reciprocating efficiency is increased by more than 10%.

TTC Golden Red Shaft Pro, factory precision lubricated, using high-precision molds with injection molding, high product consistency, smooth and stable.

TTC Golden Tea Axis Pro has a rhythmic paragraph feel and is precisely lubricated at the factory, and the touch is clear and round.

The TTC Gold Shaft Pro series will introduce a new type of polymer composite material for making shaft cores, which has both the high wear resistance of POM and the flexibility and smoothness of UPE. The official redesigned the gold shaft Pro shaft core precision mold, and at the same time improved the matching accuracy of the shaft core with the upper cover and the base, thus effectively reducing the shaking of the pressing operation.

The TTC gold and silver axis cooperation keyboard brand will be launched by MACHENIKE and IQUNIX in China, and the foreign cooperation keyboard brand will be launched by ELECOM in Japan.

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