TTC Releases RGB Tiger Axis Standard Version

TTC's genuine Kedian officially released the RGB tiger shaft standard version of the mechanical shaft. The keyboard cooperation brand will be exclusively launched by FL ESPORTS. The TTC Tiger Axis is a lightning-triggered, fast-rebound linear flagship axis.

The new version of the TTC RGB tiger axis standard version of the mechanical axis fully retains the feel and parameter characteristics of the TTC tiger axis and has been carefully adjusted in the light transmission scheme. A fully transparent design is adopted, especially for the position of the LED lights, and the light guide column is especially connected to the upper cover when the upper cover is designed. It not only simplifies the process but also improves the luminous flux, making the RGB lighting effect more colorful.

TTC Tiger Axis is specially designed with a 25.5mm super long and strong rebound spring, which rebounds quickly and feels more Q, more elastic, and stronger; the design of 1.08mm conduction stroke shortens the conduction stroke and triggers conduction more quickly; on this basis, increase the initial pressure of the shaft body, prevent accidental touch operation, and trigger accurate and effective.

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