UMC Equipment Academy opens and they plans to train 600 equipment engineers within one year

United Microelectronics recently announced that the semiconductor equipment school set up in the P5 factory area of ​​Nanke 12A factory opened, and it is expected to complete the training of 600 equipment engineers within one year, From 2023, it will be promoted to other UMC factories at home and abroad; all kinds of departments and cross-disciplinary talents are welcome to join, and through the cultivation and training of the college, they will invest in the semiconductor industry.

The upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan are facing an imbalance between the supply and demand of equipment and manpower. UMC said that new equipment personnel comes from different schools and professional backgrounds. How to let new engineers quickly enter the situation and learn professional skills is an important issue for factory managers.

UMC pointed out that currently in the semiconductor factory, each unit trains the basic knowledge of new engineers, and uses OJT (On the Job Training) and opportunity education to learn related skills. The education and training of newcomers is standardized, systematic, and practical, allowing students to focus on class, hands-on practice, and accept assessments to ensure that they have acquired professional skills and self-confidence that meet the needs of the job.

UMC said that in response to the company's continuous production expansion, with the entry of new machines, the demand for high-quality equipment engineers is increasing. I am very happy to see the establishment of the Equipment Academy, and I look forward to its rapid expansion to all UMC factories because machine equipment is the cornerstone of semiconductor production and a crucial part of the company's operations. The equipment college can assist equipment engineers to understand the principles and functions of semiconductor equipment components after completing basic component training, and quickly shorten the gap between learning and use. It is expected that the engineers will be able to smoothly integrate with the deeper machine operating principles and maintenance skills, and will be able to establish independent maintenance technology in the future.

UMC emphasized that it has invested in talent cultivation in the semiconductor industry for a long time. In addition to continuously recruiting university, master, and doctoral students from science and engineering-related departments, it also welcomes the participation of talents from various departments and cross-fields. Through active cultivation and training, it will invest in the semiconductor industry. .

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