Valve may officially support Steam Deck to replace the boot animation

According to information found by Pavel Djundik, founder of the SteamDB database, Valve may sell the boot animation of the Steam Deck handheld in the Steam Points store. The custom boot animation of the Steam Deck handheld has become popular among people. For example, some third-party websites have integrated resources for replacing boot animation. Players can customize it as the Windows 7 logo, V agency Valve logo, Nintendo Switch logo, etc., but they are all made by third-party users themselves.

According to information discovered by Pavel Djundik, a "Steam Deck Startup Movies" related option will be added to the Steam Deck section of the Steam Points Store, which is currently present in the code. Steam points can be earned by purchasing games.

The text that pops up after redeeming points for the boot animation will read: "Use your Steam Points to get this Steam Deck boot animation. You can set this animation to play when Steam Deck starts."

 It is not clear whether Valve wants to make its own boot animation, or plans to open up third-party users to upload by themselves. We can wait for the subsequent launch of this feature.

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