Valve Steam Deck handhelds are growing rapidly in Japan

Valve's Steam Deck handheld is very popular. Demand is mainly driven by US and European gamers, but there is also a large and growing market – Japan.

Valve marketing representative Erik Peterson said in an interview at the Tokyo Game Show that the PC gaming market in Japan is growing faster than anywhere else.

Talking about the Japanese market, Peterson said that "home video game consoles are dominant in Japan, but the PC gaming market may be bigger than thought." "In terms of market size, it is in the top 10 globally; but in terms of growth rate, it may even be the fastest in the world. The Japanese PC gaming space is growing rapidly."

From the new week's software and hardware sales list of Steam (September 26 to October 2), Steam Deck has won 18 consecutive championships.

Valve recently issued a document saying that it is speeding up the processing of Steam Deck reservations. Due to the increasing number of orders and the further improvement of production capacity, the orders originally expected to be processed in the fourth quarter have now been put on the recent production schedule, and players may not need to make reservations next year. After the manufacturer can ship.

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