Weilai plans to invest in the Argentine lithium mine project

Weilai plans to invest in an ore mining company headquartered in Australia, Greenwing Resources Ltd, with a total amount of up to or exceeding 600 million yuan. With the financing, Greenwing will accelerate the development of its San Jorge lithium project in Argentina.

Weilai's investment in Greenwing is divided into two parts: First, Weilai will pay 12 million Australian dollars (about 55.3563 million yuan) to subscribe for about 21.8182 million Greenwing shares at a subscription price of 0.55 Australian dollars per share (placement). After the subscription is completed, Weilai will hold about 12.16% of Greenwing's shares and take a seat on the company's board of directors.

The second is that Weilai also obtained some call options, and the exercise price of the options is expected to be between 40 million and 80 million US dollars (about 289 million to 578 million yuan). According to the price of the highest exercised option, Weilai's investment in Greenwing will exceed 600 million yuan.

In response, NIO responded to the media, "We will evaluate and deploy upstream related to the core components of smart electric vehicles to ensure long-term competitive advantage."

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