Xianyu: Operating sellers need to provide 7 days no reason to return

Recently, the second-hand trading platform Xianyu issued a public notice on the new "Xianyu Community Seven-day No Reason Return Specification", which requires operating sellers to provide "Seven days no reason to return" service, buy Returned merchandise should be in good condition.

The notice shows that this rule will be publicized from September 30, 2022, to October 7, 2022, and will take effect on October 8, 2022. As for what is a business seller, the official statement refers to a seller who has completed a certificate or a personal statement and displayed the "business" logo on Xianyu's personal homepage.

Xianyu also listed seven types of products that do not support "seven days no reason to return": customized products, fresh and perishable products, audio and video products downloaded online or unpacked by buyers, computer software, etc. Digital commodities; delivered newspapers and periodicals; service commodities; auction commodities; human medicines. In addition, Xianyu also lists sellers that can choose to support "seven days no reason to return" products (such as food, personal products, etc.), and must support "seven days no reason to return" products (such as digital products and accessories, books, etc.).

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