Xiaomi launched the Mijia smart wall-breaking cooking machine

Xiaomi officially announced today the launch of a Mijia smart self-cleaning wall-breaking cooking machine, and opened an appointment at 10 am today, starting at 999 yuan, compared to the previous 399 yuan smart wall-breaking cooking The machine has been upgraded.

This cooking machine has an OLED smart display knob, is equipped with a 4L water tank, supports automatic cleaning of the inner cavity, has a 6-blade fan-shaped stainless steel knife, provides 7 common modes, supports hot and cold doubles, automatic heat preservation of hot drinks, supports Five-fold noise reduction technology, supports the intelligent linkage of Mijia App, and can provide more than 50 recipes.

This cooking machine adopts a ceramic-coated broken wall cup, a detachable water tank, a non-slip pad at the bottom, and a smooth cup lid. It supports 24-hour appointments and can prepare ingredients for breakfast one night in advance.

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