Xiaomi Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Yaoye Black is launched

The Xiaomi Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Yaoye Hei will be launched tonight, with a price of 199 yuan. In terms of parameters, the Xiaomi Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Yaoye Black is basically the same as the previously launched Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced Edition.

According to the official introduction, the coating of this "Yaoye Black" version has undergone a 5-layer treatment, using high-intensity skin-sensing UV, the delicate texture is not easy to get fingerprints, and the adhesion strength is 5 times that of ordinary UV.

The color rendering index of Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Yaoye Black has been increased from Ra90 to Ra95, which is closer to natural light and restores true colors. It reaches the lighting standard of the national standard A-level illuminance reading and writing desk lamp, with a wide range of illumination and uniform illumination. The optical lens texture design allows the light to undergo multiple refraction and reflection, and it is consistent and natural when released. It adopts a constant current analog dimming mechanism without video flicker, the current is stable, and there is no video flicker, which is safer and more comfortable.

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