Xiaomi Mijia kitchen tool set starts crowdfunding

The Xiaomi Mijia kitchen tool set officially started crowdfunding, including three tools: a smart timer, an electronic kitchen scale, and an electric wine bottle opener. The retail price is 199 yuan. Raised price of 179 yuan.

Among them, Mijia smart timer adopts a knob design, which can be quickly timed, supports an up/down timer, and dual-stage timer and the longest timer is 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 55 seconds; it also supports two installation methods of magnetic suction/wall sticker, which can be connected to the meter Home App, as well as smart voice reminder to connect with Xiaoai classmates.

The Mijia electronic kitchen scale uses an integrated seamless tempered glass scale surface, supports up to 3kg weighing, and has an accuracy of 0.1g. Officially, it can achieve 300 days of ultra-long standby. In addition, the Mijia electric wine corkscrew can automatically open the bottle in 10 seconds. It is equipped with two buttons to open the bottle and unplug the bottle. It can be opened 170 times when fully charged, and requires 4 AA batteries.

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