Xiaomi Mijia multi-function flashlight released

Today Xiaomi Mall announced the Mijia multi-function flashlight. According to the official statement, the flashlight supports 1000 lumens of bright light and can illuminate up to 240 meters from a distance. Support telescopic infinite zoom, spotlight/flood light, multi-block adjustment; Strobe/SOS/Warning/Break window/Cut seat belt, emergency in many aspects.

The Mijia multi-function flashlight will start crowdfunding for new products in Xiaomi Mall on October 19, and the crowdfunding price is 169 yuan. The main light of the Mijia multi-function flashlight supports three-speed brightness adjustment of the high, medium, and low. Low beam night travel, high beam search.

The Mijia multifunctional flashlight seat belt cutter adopts a barbed buckle design to prevent accidental cuts. The knife is at a 45-degree angle to the seat belt for easier cutting. The pop-up window breaker adopts a push-type structure and a hidden striker design, which is safe and labor-saving.

The Mijia multifunctional flashlight can turn on the emergency light source of the main light with one key, and respond to emergencies in time;

The Mijia multi-function flashlight mode adjustment ring rotates to switch between two light sources. Main light mode & side light mode, rotary switch, easy to use, with a single button for gear adjustment, can easily respond to a variety of scene needs.

The Mijia multi-function flashlight uses a 3100mAh lithium battery with a battery life of 90 hours. Two-color power indicator, clearly indicating remaining power, Type-C charging interface, more charging compatibility.

The Mijia multi-function flashlight adopts a magnetic fixing method, which can be used to adsorb iron and nickel metal surfaces such as cars and brackets.

The Mijia multi-function flashlight adopts a trapezoidal attack head, a Fresnel lens, a silicone lanyard, etc.

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