Xiaomi Redmi tablet released in India

Xiaomi launched the Redmi Pad tablet in India last week, with a basic price of 12,999 Indian rupees (about 1,130 yuan). Now, Xiaomi has launched the Redmi Notepad in India, which is not an Android tablet, but a cheap "little blackboard" for children and adults to take notes and doodle.

The Redmi tablet is equipped with an 8.5-inch LCD screen, which Xiaomi says does not emit light, imitating the appearance of paper ink and preventing eyestrain after prolonged use . This slate is made of ABS material, weighs 90 grams, and measures 21cm X 14cm X 0.5cm.

The Redmi tablet also comes bundled with a pressure-sensitive stylus that allows users to switch between different stroke sizes to create different tones. The stylus weighs 5 grams and has a sliding and attaching mechanism for ease of use.

Once done doodling or taking notes, the user can clear the screen by tapping the orange button. There is also a one-key lock on the side of the Redmi tablet to prevent content from being deleted from the screen.

However, the WordPad doesn't seem to allow syncing content with other devices.

The CR2016 replaceable button battery provides support for this tablet, and it is said that the battery life can be used to write and draw 20,000 pages. The Redmi tablet is black, and the official website of Xiaomi India shows that the price is 599 Indian rupees (about 52 yuan).

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