Yingzhong released RTX 4090 Ice Dragon Frost Edition graphics card

INNO3D released the RTX4090 Ice Dragon Frost Edition graphics card, split water cooling design, which is expected to be listed soon. Yingzhong INNO3D RTX 4090 Ice Dragon Frost Edition graphics card adopts the combination of a public PCB solution and AC integrated water-cooling radiator. The graphics card is luxurious and stylish as a whole, and the front feels like an ice brick. Piece design, combined with RGB lighting effects, can achieve natural lighting effects.

The Yingzhong RTX4090 Ice Dragon Frost Edition uses a combination of the public version enhancement solution + full-coverage graphics card water block. The graphics card size is 200*135mm, occupying 2 slots thick. The graphics card adopts a newly designed water block solution, which has a stronger optimized water channel design than the previous generation of RTX30 Ice Dragon Frost Edition.

Specifications: Inno3D Ice Dragon Frost Edition adopts AD102 architecture core, with 16384 CUDA cores, with 24GB384Bit GDDR6X video memory, the video memory frequency is 21Gbps, and the acceleration frequency reaches 2580MHz.

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