Yiwei Lithium Energy released 560Ah super-capacity energy storage battery

Yiwei Lithium Energy Storage Battery Strategy Conference was held in Huizhou, Guangdong yesterday. At the meeting, Yiwei Energy Storage released a new generation of energy storage battery LF560K.

Yiwei Lithium Energy said that the first LF560K battery uses the ultra-large battery CTT (Cell to TWh) technology, that is, the cell technology for TWh-level energy storage scale, which can realize the cost of the cell and system level. Double down, global deliveries are expected to start in the second quarter of 2024. At present, Yiwei Lithium Energy plans to achieve a power storage capacity of 100GWh by 2025.

Based on CTT technology, the LF560K battery can reduce the total cost of the system, has a large capacity of 560Ah, a single battery can store 1.792kWh of energy, and has a cycle life of more than 12,000 times. In the application of system integration, compared with the LF280K battery, the use of the LF560K battery can reduce the number of cells by 50%, simplify the number of pack components by 47%, and improve the production efficiency by 30%; through the optimization of the cluster-level size, the container power can be increased by 6.5 %.

Yiwei Lithium can use "stacking technology" to solve the technical problems of the LF560K battery in terms of electronic conductance current collection design and productivity. On the other hand, the stacking replaces the winding, the length of the monopole is shortened by 100 times, and the total yield of the cell production can be increased by 3%.

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