ZHIYUN Launches PuriBar Pocket-sized Sanitization Device

ZHIYUN, a global leader in camera gimbals, is expanding its product portfolio with the new ZHIYUN PuriBar, an eco-friendly sanitization device that kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses in mere minutes faster than competitor products and in a more portable, take-everywhere pocket-sized design.

High-Efficiency Sterilization & Deodorization

The PuriBar cleans air via two layers of purification, by using ozone and negative ions, which clear the air of lung irritants and airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. PuriBar also eliminates chemicals, smoke, and even odor, leaving no secondary pollutants only oxygen remains.

Ozone produced by the PuriBar can catch and decompose polluting molecules, while its negative ions thoroughly absorb tiny airborne particles to clean the air, removing pollutants.

Compact and Portable

Small (143.5mm x 25mm x 25.4mm) and lightweight (100g), the ZHIYUN PuriBar is highly portable and can be taken with you wherever you go, providing users with ultra-easy, quick, and efficient disinfection of 5L-30L worth of space in just 4-8 minutes. The ZHIYUN PuriBar is ideal for assisting in the disinfection of baby products, makeup and jewelry boxes, dog houses, cat carriers, workout gear, gym bags, handbags and rucksacks, and suitcases before and after travel.

With just one twist the built-in ozone generator automatically releases a combination of both ozone and negative ions to permeate every corner of enclosed space in whatever it is being used to purify. The PuriBar even notifies users of disinfection success by beeping to indicate the start and finish of sanitization cycles.

In handbag mode, the PuriBar purifies up to 5L in just 4 minutes. In backpack mode, it covers up to 20L in 6 minutes, while suitcase mode works in up to 30L in 8 minutes, and, finally, in loop mode, the PuriBar releases ozone for 4 minutes on a recurring cycle every 2 hours until the battery runs out.

Fully charged after 2.5 hours, the PuriBar’s 1600mAh battery capacity means it can be used in loop mode for up to 9 hours. The 6.75W rated power also benefits from low power consumption, but PuriBar also supports an LED battery display and real-time charging.

Best for Everyone

From safeguarding the health of the whole family to disinfection in just a few minutes, users can negate allergy risks and lingering pet and cooking odors in and around the home, leaving a clean and fresh environment. PuriBar is small enough to be easily put into any bag or even pockets, so it is ideal for commuters and those that travel regularly.

Pricing and Availability

The ZHIYUN PuriBar is available now via ZHIYUN’s official store, priced at just $49.

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