Zhiyun SMOOTH 5S mobile phone stabilizer released in China

Zhiyun released the SMOOTH 5S mobile phone stabilizer in China, with a starting price of 999 yuan. 

According to the official introduction, SMOOTH 5S was created for mobile phone blockbusters. It continues the orthogonal three-axis structure design. It can shoot without dead angles. It has built-in high-brightness fill light and three lights in one.

Zhiyun said that different from the mobile phone gimbal with a special-shaped three-axis structure on the market, SMOOTH 5S can realize full-angle lens movement, and there is no need to worry about low-angle and ultra-wide-angle shooting, which fully meets the needs of multi-angle shooting. SMOOTH 5S uses a magnetic steel motor and a stable control algorithm, which has a strong carrying capacity. The design of a wide and thick mobile phone fixture is compatible with mobile phones of various sizes.

SMOOTH 5S adds a built-in fill light in the tilt axis arm, with a peak illumination of 650Lux; at the same time, it supports the installation of two magnetic fill lights, and the peak illumination of the three lights can reach 2040Lux. Various filters can also be used to customize the hue and atmosphere.

SMOOTH 5S adopts a full-keyboard design control panel that integrates key functions such as dials, joysticks, menu calls, mode switching, and switch-fill lights. The scroll wheel supports switching between zoom and follows focus functions, and with the Hitchcock zoom operation guide built into the App, Hitchcock's dual-play of manual zoom and automatic zoom can be realized.

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