ZTE AX5400 Pro + router officially announced on October 20th

ZTE announced today that it will launch its annual blockbuster new product, the ZTE AX5400 Pro + router, on October 20. The new router uses self-developed high-performance chips, flagship high-specification port configuration, and advanced design aesthetics.

Judging from the official poster, the AX5400 Pro + is not much different in appearance from the AX5400 Pro released in November last year. The poster also mentions that the router uses a 12-core self-developed chip and dual 2.5Ge network ports, one more than the AX5400 Pro. 2.5Ge network port.

In November last year, ZTE launched the AX5400 Pro WiFi 6 flagship router, equipped with a powerful ZTE self-developed 12-core dual-engine main chip, with 8-core NPU (independent network acceleration engine) and 4-core 1.1 GHz CPU, the performance has been improved by 120%, and the bidirectional data throughput has reached an astonishing 20Gbps. This router is also equipped with a 2.5G network port, which can meet the network upgrade needs of future families. 

This router adopts a cool spaceship shape, a hard-core technology-style design, and 6 independent antennas that can be folded 180°. The 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi signals are dual concurrent, which further improves the wall penetration performance. Through the Mesh networking technology, one-key WPS expansion can be achieved. Even for villa-level units, the mesh networking of multiple devices can achieve seamless Coverage, the router is priced at 599 yuan.

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