ZTE is the first to complete independent 5G millimeter wave networking technology verification with third-party terminals

 According to the release of the 5G promotion group, recently, under the guidance of the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, ZTE has completed the technical verification of all functional projects of 5G millimeter wave independent networking. The first company to successfully complete the end-to-end test of 5G millimeter-wave independent networking with third-party terminals.

In this test, ZTE's high-performance low-power millimeter-wave NR base station and the CPE test terminal equipped with the Snapdragon X65 5G modem are connected in the FR2 only mode in millimeter-wave independent networking (SA) mode. Under the configuration of downlink 4 carrier aggregation and uplink 2 carrier aggregation, the basic function and performance verification of the two frame structures of DDDSU and DSUUU have been completed respectively. In this verification, the peak downlink rate is close to 7Gbps when the DDDSU frame structure is used, and the peak uplink rate exceeds 2.1Gbps when the DSUUU frame structure is used.

The FR2-only mode of the millimeter-wave independent networking mode refers to deploying a 5G millimeter-wave network without using LTE or Sub-6GHz anchor points and completing terminal access and business processes. In this mode, operators can more flexibly provide multi-gigabit rate, ultra-low-latency wireless broadband access services for personal and business users, and realize green fixed wireless access network deployment in all application scenarios.

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