ZTE Yuanhang 40 Pro+ is equipped with a main camera ring breathing light

The ZTE Yuanhang 40 Pro + will be released on October 26, with the main theme "this is the halo". Today, the official revealed this special design, which will be equipped with a breathing light around the 64MP main camera to support call customization.  As you can see from the poster, there are multiple lenses below the main camera, which adopts a multi-camera design. We can look forward to the follow-up news.

The design of the camera breathing light is not the first of ZTE. The  OPPO A96 mobile phone released in January this year is equipped with the Gemini star ring breathing light. Under various notification reminders, the customized equivalent flashes slightly, and the breathing light adopts ultra-low Power consumption High-quality LED light, 50000+ hours lifespan.

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