Zuckerberg talks about Meta's 10,000 yuan VR headset Quest Pro

Facebook parent company Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) talked about the price of the company's newly released Quest Pro new VR headset in an interview on Tuesday, saying that the price of $1,499.99 is just The "guarantee" to allow more people to experience the metaverse by purchasing hardware.

Zuckerberg also took the opportunity to dig at rival Apple, saying that Apple is pricing its devices "as high as possible. "

"Typically, people make hardware, and then they want to make a profit from it. Apple, for example, makes hardware and charges as much as possible," he said.

Zuckerberg said he was going the other way.

"I do think there's still someone going to come into this space and really say, 'We're going to build the best hardware in this space, and we're going to break even in some cases.'"

That's what Meta's latest VR headset, the Quest Pro, does, Zuckerberg says, priced at just $1,499.99. The company also eventually plans to launch the Quest 3, priced between $300 and $500, he said .

Zuckerberg believes that Meta's goal is to get as many users as possible into the metaverse.

"I think this business strategy aligns with our mission of connecting people and getting people there, because if you want to build a whole new social experience, you have to get people there."

Zuckerberg said software and services are where he really wants to make money.

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