16.2 Beta: Apple released the second quick security response update

For iOS 16.2 Beta, Apple today released another Rapid Security Response (RSR) update, which is the second RSR update since the release of iOS 16.2.

The purpose of Apple's rapid security response update is to fix bugs in the iOS 16.2 Beta version without installing a full update. In the first officially released RSR update, no actual BUG was fixed, but only used to test this update method.

After iOS 16.2 Beta users install this quick security response update, the version number will be upgraded to iOS 16.2 (b). Clicking on this version in the "About" section of "Settings" will display information about the installed iOS version and quick security response update Information. The entire upgrade process only takes a few minutes, and it needs to be restarted to take effect after the installation is complete.

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