8GB DDR4 products price fell 10% month-on-month in October

Semiconductor memory DRAM prices continued to drop. Among them, the price of DDR4 8GB products as a price indicator was about $2.15 per unit in October, down 10% from the previous month. It fell 35% in October 2018; prices have fallen for 6 consecutive months, and the decline has expanded again compared to the previous month.

Before the first time, the price of DDR4 4GB products was about 1.75 US dollars per unit, down 10% from the previous month and 34% from the previous October. Both 8GB products and 4GB products saw their declines widen from September (-3% month-on-month).

According to the data released by Micron in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022, the company's operating income in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022 was US$6.64 billion, compared with US$8.64 billion in the previous quarter, a decrease of 23.1% from the previous quarter; net profit in the fourth quarter was 1.492 billion. USD, compared with USD 2.626 billion in the previous quarter, a decrease of 43.2% from the previous quarter.

Previously, some industry insiders believed that due to the continued downturn in the current notebook computer market, manufacturers' willingness to upgrade to DDR5 was weak, resulting in further price reductions of memory chips such as DDR5.

A TrendForce research report shows that under the influence of high inflation, memory bit consumption and shipments continue to show quarterly declines, and terminal buyers have delayed purchases due to a significant decline in memory demand, resulting in further increased inventory pressure on suppliers. , it is expected that the decline in DRAM prices in the fourth quarter will expand to 13%-18%.

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