Accessory manufacturer Native Union launches FOLD folding notebook stand

Accessory manufacturer Native Union recently launched a FOLD MacBook stand with a compact, foldable design that can be used both at home, on the go to work, and on the go.

The FOLD stand is designed to support notebooks like the MacBook to the ideal reclining level for improved posture while improving airflow through the device. The stand is thin (dimensions 30cm X 1.5cm X 2.7cm), light (72g weight), and foldable to tuck into the included carrying case or fit in a bag.

Native Union's stand is compatible with all Apple MacBook models from 13 inches to 16 inches, and tablets from 10.2 inches to 16 inches. The stand can hold up to 3kg, features durable aluminum and non-slip silicone pads for enhanced stability, stylish cross-over construction for all laptops and tablets, and comes with a carrying bag to prevent scratches on the move.

Native Union's FOLD laptop stand is available on the official website for $40 (about 290 yuan).

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