ADATA's October revenue was NT$2.72 billion

ADATA now announces that its consolidated revenue in October was NT$2.72 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 18.2%; the cumulative revenue from January to October this year was 30.08 billion yuan.

ADATA said that although the memory supply chain is still under the pressure of destocking and a slight decline in contract prices, the company has adjusted its memory inventory to a relatively safe level in the third quarter. Promotional activities to fully sprint the operating performance of this quarter.

ADATA pointed out that the previous view on the memory market is still maintained. Although the contract prices of DRAM and NAND Flash continued to drop this quarter, the decline in the spot price of DRAM has been quite limited. 

Many memory OEMs are facing a battle to defend their profits. Announcing a reduction in capital expenditure next year and slowing down the pace of process scaling, it is expected that the top three OEMs will give priority to maintaining DRAM prices under the consideration of DRAM and NAND Flash. It is expected that the DRAM market will gradually usher in a positive cycle.

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