AITO Wenjie M7's first OTA upgrade

AITO Automobile announced that the first OTA upgrade of AITO Wenjie M7 is here, the specific version number is V1.0.103SP06, involving 7 major areas: electrical, power, cockpit, assisted driving, body, range extender, network connection, etc., including 96 updates, support super desktop, time wallpaper, ENC range extender active noise reduction, downhill energy recovery intensity adaptive and other fields to upgrade and optimize.

Here are the updates:

Super desktop, play mobile phone ecological applications on the car. The super desktop enables you to get on the car with a large number of mobile applications with one click. Through the car-machine adaptive layout, the mobile phone application becomes a part of the car-machine application, and the membership service of the mobile app can be experienced simultaneously on the car-machine.

The ENC range extender actively reduces noise, and the comfortable and quiet space is further upgraded. For multiple scenarios such as extended-range power generation, idling, and parking, the active noise reduction ENC function is added, and the noise reduction can reach 12.3dB / 2.3dBA, keeping you away from the noise and enjoying a quiet space.

Downhill energy recovery intensity is self-adaptive, and driving is more comfortable and safe. The new downhill energy recovery self-adaptive function, in comfort mode and sport mode, the system will automatically recognize the "big downhill" road section, and the vehicle will intelligently enhance the energy recovery intensity so that the vehicle consumes less energy, and at the same time can effectively reduce user The number of foot brakes is reduced, thereby reducing driver fatigue and wear of brake pads, and prolonging the life of the brake system.

The energy-saving mode optimizes power, accelerates without power consumption, and lasts longer. The power performance in the energy-saving driving mode is improved, and the acceleration is increased by 30% under the condition of constant energy consumption.

Time wallpaper, accompany you to spend every wonderful day. There are two sets of time wallpapers preset in the theme, and the wallpapers will change with time, allowing you to feel the wonderful time of 24 hours a day.

A new car wash mode has been added this time, so you can wash your car without worry. After opening, the effect is: close the window, switch to P gear, lock, power off, and will not automatically power on when the door is opened to get on the car. Get rid of the trouble of frequently opening and closing the car door and power on and off during car washing, making car washing easier.

The assisted parking experience is optimized, fast, accurate and stable. Optimize the identification of different ground locks and the open/closed state of the ground lock to improve the parking experience of the ground lock parking space. Assisted parking trajectory planning is smarter, and the average parking time is reduced by 20%.

The compatibility of vehicle charging is optimized without picking piles. According to official tests, Wenjie M7 is compatible with more than 97% of the charging piles in the market, so you can charge it wherever you want, so you can travel worry-free.

After the OTA upgrade, you can continue to charge, worry-free and at ease. The user will temporarily interrupt the charging of the vehicle during the OTA upgrade, and the charging can be resumed automatically after the upgrade is completed (only for AITO home slow charging).

Xiaoyi's "Little Butler" has been upgraded to support air purification reminders, mobile phone forgetting reminders, and more.

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