Akasa released a new down-pressure radiator

Akasa has released new press-down radiators, namely the SOHO H6L and Alucia H6L series.

SOHO H6L and Alucia H6L are designed with 6 heat pipes, 67.2 mm high, and can press 130W. The SOHO H6L models feature RGB fans, and the Alucia H6L features matte fans. In addition, Akasa has designed an Alucia H6LS model with a further reduced height of 57 mm and a heat dissipation performance of up to 110W.

The starting prices of Alucia H6LS, Alucia H6L, and SOHO H6L are 52.95 Euros (about 389 RMB), 51.95 Euros, and 55.95 Euros.

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