Ali Pingtou will release Yuzhen 611/612 UHF RFID chips

According to Ali Pingtou, IOTE 2022 The 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen Station will be held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan) from November 15th to 17th, 2022. The conference is hosted by the Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association and brings together more than 400+ exhibitors from around the world. Brother Pingtou will make his debut on IOTE and bring a new generation of Feather Array products – Feather Array 611 and Feather Array 612.

Pingtou's release venue is the RFID Passive Internet of Things Technology and Application Forum, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 17. The release time is 10:40 on November 15, and the theme of the release is "In the subtleties, creating infinite possibilities - Pingtou Gexin" A generation of Feather Array series chips released". At booth A13 in Hall 17 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, the full-stack product series of Pingtou Ge Duanyun will be displayed, covering Yuzhen series UHF RFID chips, data center chips, Xuantie series processor IP...etc.

In March this year, Pingtou said that it has developed and mass-produced a low-power ultra-high frequency RFID electronic tag chip - Yuzhen 600, which is a perception chip for Internet of Things scenarios, with high readability Features such as sensitivity, all-round reading, and strong environmental adaptability are suitable for scenarios such as smart logistics, smart warehousing, smart retail, and asset management.

Feather Array 600 is composed of analog & RF parts, a digital controller,s and memory, which conform to EPC Global Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID protocol. Compared with traditional RFID chips, it has higher read sensitivity, with a dual-port read sensitivity of -23dBm; it is compatible with omnidirectional antenna solutions and can achieve omnidirectional reading; in addition, the Feather Array 600 has strong environmental adaptability and supports Two-port RF impedance auto-tuning.

The Yuzhen 600 chip will be integrated with precise radio frequency identification technology, which can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics and supply chain management, and will be further applied to smart retail, asset management, and other fields in the future.

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