Amazon's Audible app for Apple Watch gets an update

Audible, the Amazon audiobook app for Apple Watch, received a major update today: it can no longer rely on the iPhone connection to run independently on Apple Watch, not only can play audio media resources, but also download content.

Audible wrote in a blog post today:

Using Audible on Apple Watch just got easier. Now listeners can access bookshelves, and stream and download content without relying on the iPhone.

Whether it's going for a morning jog or walking the dog in the park, users can start listening to these media sources with just a flick of the wrist.

Seamless syncing across devices means they can switch to their Alexa device or phone when they get home and continue listening instead of starting all over again. What's more, the narration speed can be quickly adjusted when using it outdoors.

The new version of Audible for Apple Watch has the following functions

  • Streaming no longer depends on the iPhone
  • After the user plays it, the content is simultaneously downloaded in the background for offline listening. There's also a streaming-only option in the settings, as well as a commentary speed control.
  • Seamless syncing means users can keep listening to what's coming, no matter which device they're using.

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