AMD joins Intel's Cloud Hypervisor project

Intel launched an open source project Cloud Hypervisor written in Rust a few years ago, known as a modern, security-centric, cloud-centric Rust VMM hypervisor for Modern hardware/software. The project was merged into the Linux Foundation last year, and Intel remains a major contributor to the project. And now, Intel's main competitor AMD has announced that it has joined the Cloud Hypervisor project.

AMD has joined the Cloud Hypervisor project as an advisory board member, the Linux Foundation said in a recent press release. Members of the Cloud Hypervisor project also include well-known companies such as Alibaba, Arm, ByteDance, Intel, Microsoft, and Tencent.

The project experimentally supports AArch64 in 2020, and Arm has become an important contributor to Cloud Hypervisor. Beyond setting its sights on Linux VMs, Microsoft is another big contributor to Cloud Hypervisor and ensures good Windows/MSHV support.

AMD now also has a place in the Cloud Hypervisor, presumably to ensure their EPYC processors and their capabilities are well supported by the Cloud Hypervisor.

AMD announced that it will unveil its fourth-generation EPYC server CPU, code-named Genoa, at 10:00 a.m. PT on November 10 (1:00 a.m. Beijing time the next day).

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