AMD R9 7900 / R7 7700 processors appear

The whistleblower momomo_us found information about Lenovo devices equipped with AMD R9 7900 / R7 7700. As shown in the picture above, Lenovo exposed two new models R9 7900 and R7 7700, which are 12-core 24-thread and 8-core 16-thread respectively.

AMD is expected to release non-X-series Ryzen 7000 processors at CES in January next year, adding more cost-effective models to the X670 and B650 platforms.

Not long ago, whistleblower chi11eddog exposed some specifications of AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processor without X, for reference only:

  • R9 7900 12 cores, up to 5.4GHz
  • R7 7700 8 cores, up to 5.3GHz
  • R5 7600 6 cores, up to 5.1GHz

The following are the parameters of AMD's Ryzen 7000 X-series processors that are now available:

  • R9 7950X: 16C32T, 4.5-5.7GHz, 80MB cache, 170W TDP
  • R9 7900X: 12C24T, 4.7-5.6GHz, 76MB cache, 170W TDP
  • R7 7700X: 8C16T, 4.5-5.4GHz, 40MB cache, 105W TDP
  • R5 7600X: 6C12T, 4.7-5.3GHz, 38MB cache, 105W TDP

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