AMD releases AMD Software PRO Edition 22.Q4 for Linux

AMD quietly launched the Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise Linux 22.Q4 driver a week ago, and called it AMD Software: PRO Edition 22.Q4 for Linux driver update.

This driver update has gone unnoticed until now since most Linux enthusiasts and gamers are used to using upstream open-source components in the mainstream Linux kernel and Mesa.

The AMD Software: PRO Edition 22.Q4 for Linux driver update is the latest quarterly update for enterprise users, mainly including two driver components "Open" and "PRO", as well as a small amount of proprietary user space Driver code.

22.Q4 driver supports RHEL 9.0 / 8.6 / 7.9 (and downstream versions such as CentOS / Rocky / AlmaLinux), Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS, and SUSE Linux Enterprise SLED / SLES 15 SP4.

As usual, the public changelog/release notes for AMD Linux packaged drivers are fairly minimal, other than to indicate fixes for the following two issues:

  • CgFX plug-in fails to load in Maya 2023 with full drive.
  • Linux Pro MGPU RHEL9.0 exhibits display corruption on the X11 display manager when connected to more than three monitors.

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