AMD RX 7900 series graphics cards will be available next month

AMD's new generation of RX 7900 series graphics cards will be launched on December 13, and now the old flagship 6950 XT has been reduced to 6699 yuan.

As shown in the picture above, MSI's RX 6950 XT Magic Dragon model is priced at 6,699 yuan on Double 11.

In May this year, AMD officially released the RX 6950 XT, a small upgrade to the RX 6900 XT, with a suggested retail price of 8,399 yuan. 

Parameters: The RX 6950 XT has 80 sets of computing units, is equipped with 16GB GDDR6 video memory, and the GPU acceleration frequency is 2310MHz.

AMD's upcoming next-generation flagship graphics card RX 7900XTX is priced at 7,999 yuan, and the sub-flagship graphics card RX 7900XT is priced at 7,399 yuan, which is lower than the previous generation's flagship model. It is expected that the older RX 6950 XT model will have a greater price reduction after the RX 7900 model is launched.

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