Analyst: Consumers have weak motivation to upgrade to 5G

Although operators and mobile phone manufacturers are still keen to promote the landing of 5G networks as soon as possible, a new study shows that consumers' interest in 5G networks is being greatly reduced and they are focusing on other functions.

Since the addition of 5G network support to the iPhone 12, Apple's subsequent models are all 5G models. Apple also recently added support for 5G networks to the cellular version of the iPad. However, compared with the increase in network speed brought about by 5G, the latest survey found that consumers pay more attention to other functions such as battery life and storage.

Canalys analyst Chiew Le Xuan said that for many people, 4G is fast enough to satisfy daily use. The hype over 5G has subsided and demand has shifted to more practical aspects of smartphones such as battery life, storage, processor speed, and camera quality.

Inflation may be behind the lack of 5G growth, and 5G networks are still expected to grow against the trend in Asia in the next few years. However, 5G support may still be unstable, and many people think that it is no longer necessary to iterate.

William Hare, an analyst at technology research firm Omdia said, 
despite the introduction of 5G network support, today's iPhone is basically the same as the iPhone bought five years ago, and innovation has slowed down massively.

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