Android 14 integrates new gestures by default

In the Android 13 system, Google introduced a feature called predictive back gesture (predictive back gesture), and this feature will be integrated into the upcoming Android 14 by default. This feature is convenient for users to preview the target screen or result before performing the return operation so that they can decide whether to continue to return or give up staying on the current screen.

Google’s official description of this function is as follows:

Android 13 (API level 33) introduces predictive back gestures for Android devices such as phones, larger screens, and foldable. The release of this feature will span several years; when fully implemented, this feature will allow users to preview the destination or other results of a return gesture before the completion of this gesture, so that the user can decide whether to continue to complete the gesture or Stay in the current view.

For example, use the back gesture to display an animated preview of the home screen behind the app, as shown in the mockup in Figure 1. Starting with Android 13, you can test this back-to-home animation by enabling a developer option (described on this page).

This function is more in line with consumers' daily habits, not only can preview the page after returning in advance, but also reduces the possibility of accidental touch. Google not only plans to enable predictive return gestures by default on Android 14 but also adapts a variety of applications to let users know more clearly which page they will jump to after performing the return operation.

Google said that in Android 14, the system performs the return operation between the systems just like swiping in the application. Through default or custom gesture animations, this feature lets users know where the return gesture will take them.

If you can’t wait to experience this feature, you can enable it through the developer options on Android 13 (the way to enable it is to enter "Settings" > "About Phone" > tap "Version Number" seven times). Google Phone and Google TV currently support this feature on Android 13, but Google will further optimize it to become the default feature of Android 14.

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