Apple CEO Cook: It feels great to use the iPhone satellite function to contact rescuers in an emergency

In a recent interview with CBS Morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about many topics, including today’s launch of the satellite emergency help function in the iPhone 14 series, Twitter The future direction of the App Store, the development trend of the App Store, and the plan after stepping down as CEO. Regarding the satellite emergency help function introduced in the iPhone 14 series, Cook said:

I usually like climbing mountains and wading, so I often go to places without signal coverage. Although these places bring an environment that is not disturbed by others, we still need to contact others in case of emergency.

For example, if you go to the National Parks that have almost no cell phone coverage but are popular with many people, and maintain communication with satellites operating at 15,000 miles per hour and 100 miles away after an emergency, this feeling will be very good.

Cook also talked about Apple's stance on privacy. He believes that a company should not collect a large amount of information [user data] and transmit it to the cloud to help the company carry out certain businesses, but should only collect better information. Provide service, minimum user data.

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