Apple device analysis contains data identifying iCloud users

A new analysis claims that Apple's device analysis contains information that can directly link information such as how the device is used, performance, function, and other information to a specific user, although Apple's claim is not this way. On Twitter, analyst Mysk discovered that Apple's device analytics data includes an ID called "dsId," which stands for Directory Services Identifier. The analysis found that the "dsId" identifier is unique to each iCloud account and can be directly linked to a specific user, including their name, date of birth, email, and related information stored on iCloud.

On Apple’s device analysis and privacy laws page, the company states that any information collected from a device for analysis purposes cannot be traced back to a specific user. According to Apple, iPhone analytics may include details about hardware and operating system specifications, performance statistics, and data about how you use your device and apps. None of the information collected personally identifies you.

Apple said that if a user consents to send analytics information from multiple devices logged into the same iCloud account, it may correlate some usage data about Apple apps across those devices using end-to-end encrypted syncing. However, Apple said that even when it did so, the user would remain unrecognizable to Apple. Foreign media have reached out to Apple for comment.

Apple has historically taken a strong stance on user privacy, stating repeatedly that it considers privacy a fundamental human right. Apple's privacy statements have come under increased scrutiny in recent months, and the company now faces a class-action lawsuit alleging it tracks users without their consent.

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