Apple employees unhappy with putting more ads on the iPhone

There are differences within Apple regarding placing more advertisements on the iPhone. Some Apple employees in charge of the advertising business believe that showing iPhone users more ads will destroy the quality experience that has long been provided to customers.

When internal employees are talking about the company's advertising business, they are also prohibited from using specific keywords. For example, Apple internally believes that salespeople should use audience refinement" instead of positioning, platform instead of an algorithm, and competitor keywords and brand defense instead of conquer.

Apple expects employees to use language appropriate for Apple's products, and terms such as "targeting" do not apply because Apple does not allow advertisers to target specific users. To protect user privacy, Apple does not allow advertisers to target people with fewer than 5,000 users, according to the company.

In the past few weeks, developers, customers and Apple's critics have all been in favor of expanding its advertising in the App Store. The report also shows that Apple plans to introduce advertising in Apple Maps and Apple TV+. Even with the expansion of advertising, Apple has no ambitions to grow its advertising business to the scale of Meta or Google, the report cited a person familiar with the matter.

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