Apple iPhone 14 DXOMARK image test scores 133 points

According to DXOMARK official news, Apple iPhone 14 scored 133 points in the DXOMARK image test, which is a significant improvement over the previous generation iPhone 13.

The rankings on the DXOMARK official website have not yet included the scores of the iPhone 14. According to the available data, the iPhone 14's image score ranks 16th.

Camera specifications: The main camera of the iPhone 14 is a 12MP 1/1.9-inch sensor, equivalent to a 24mm f/1.5 aperture lens, dual PDAF, and OIS; the ultra-wide-angle camera is a 12MP sensor, equivalent to a 24mm f/2.4 aperture lens, and supports PDAF.

DXOMARK officially stated that the iPhone 14, like other Apple flagship products in the same series, has a good image performance, especially in video shooting. When shooting video, the device offers rich detail, good exposure, effective image stabilization, and excellent tracking autofocus. When taking a photo, the preview is very close to the actual photo taken, and there is also a very realistic bokeh effect in portrait mode.

The device lags slightly behind the Pro version in terms of zoom performance, though, due to the lack of a dedicated lens and the smaller maximum aperture of the ultra-wide module. Also, with only 5x digital zoom, the device's overall zoom capabilities are limited, especially when shooting medium-to-long-distance subjects.

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