Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Max delivery delayed by as much as 6 weeks

Apple said earlier in November this year that demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models remains strong. However, due to reduced supply chain capacity, shipments of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to be lower than previously expected, and customers will wait longer to receive new products. Now, the lag situation seems to be getting worse.

In the Apple US online store, the estimated delivery time of iPhone 14 Pro devices is currently around 6 weeks, and all iPhone 14 Pro models can only be ordered now and can only be delivered from December 27, which makes many customers who want to buy gifts Not available for purchase before Christmas. IT Home has learned that if you buy the iPhone 14 Pro National Bank version now, it will also take 5-6 weeks to ship.

The delayed deliveries confirmed analysts' expectations that Apple's iPhone 14 Pro models would fall short of earlier shipment expectations due to supply disruptions at Foxconn's main iPhone factory that assembles the devices. 

According to investment firm Morgan Stanley, Foxconn's iPhone factory is expected to ship 79 million units in the quarter, down from an earlier estimate of 85 million handsets.

The analysts wrote in a note, the wait time for the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max has extended to four to five weeks, compared to two to four weeks a month ago, implying that demand remains solid even with supply gaps.

Looking ahead, Morgan Stanley forecasts higher-than-usual production in the first months of 2023 to make up for vacant demand. Meanwhile, Foxconn's iPhone factory is resuming production operations.

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