Apple re-uploads the iPhone 14 promotional video due to ambiguity in the songs used

 After hearing user feedback that the songs sung by Idris Elba in the iPhone 14 series promotional ads were ambiguous, Apple recently readjusted the ads.

In the previously released iPhone 14 promotional video, Apple used a song "Biggest" by Elba, and one of the lyrics was "Biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest, it's the biggest bounce of the summer". When played at full speed, what some people may hear is not "biggest", but a swear word involving racial prejudice.

In the latest uploaded video, Apple only kept the background music and removed Elba's lyrics. Arguably, what could have been one of Apple's best iPhone ads would have been so underwhelming without the lyrics, but it's easy to see why Apple would make such a change if, as 9to5Mac pointed out, people were listening to the song. Hear different words while singing.

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