Apple won't significantly increase advertising on iPhones for now

In a new report on Apple's advertising business, The Information quoted insiders about Apple's advertising ambitions. People familiar with the matter said that Apple is not seeking to increase more advertising on the iPhone and is satisfied with the current revenue growth.

This is a slight conflict with recent reports from Bloomberg, which said that Apple is aiming to triple the revenue of its advertising business. Other information in The Information report includes the fact that Apple investigated adding ads to Spotlight searches in 2018. The program was previously canceled and not released.

The report, which touches on tensions between Apple's product experience and advertising, described some employees' "dislike" for the advertising group. Even some ad team members raised concerns with leadership that Apple had gone too far, according to The Information. This may be one of the reasons why the Spotlight advertising program did not continue.

Apple's relationship with advertising reached new heights last month with the launch of two new ad slots in the App Store: on the "Today" tab, and at the bottom of other developers' app listings product pages. Apple has suspended the display of certain controversial ad categories after developers complained that too many casino and gambling ads were displayed next to their apps .

Apple has also been criticized by the advertising industry for introducing an app tracking transparency policy, which weakens the power of third-party ad networks to share user data. The groups argued that Apple introduced the change simply to improve the appeal of its own App Store ad network and eliminate competitors.

Apple executives have denied this, targeting customer privacy and user experience. Today's news from The Information confirms this. Todd Teresa, Apple's head of advertising, reportedly wasn't involved in the decision to deploy app tracking transparency.

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